Almost every cash machine in the UK is connected to LINK.

LINK gives bank and building society customers access to cash
across the whole of the UK.

Cash machine operators join LINK in order to offer cash to the 100 million plus LINK-enabled cards in circulation.

LINK offers cash withdrawals, balance enquiries, PIN management,
charity giving, mobile transactions via Paym, and optional services

Limit Varies by Issuer

LINK Use cases

LINK is used to facilitate:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Balance enquiries
  • PIN management
  • Charity giving
  • Mobile payments processed via Paym
  • Optional services*

Operational details

LINK is the largest ATM network in the UK, and is operated by Link
Scheme Ltd (LSL). It is a real time, message network, which connects
all LINK members. LINK processes 24 hours a day with a cut-off time at 20:00 with settlement occurring the following business day (D+1).