Add Bank Account

Once you have familiarised yourself with GetPaid and Pay requests and how Products work then you are ready to add a bank account to your Paydog account.

This will allow you to take real payments direct to this bank account.

To add an account:

  1. Select add a bank account

2. Choose your bank

3. Authorise using your bank.

If you are on a Mobile then you will be taken directly to your bank.

If you are on a desktop and have mobile banking then we recommend scanning the QR Code with your camera. The approval processes on mobile is simpler than on online banking but you can still complete using online banking if you prefer.

Your bank will then ask you approve sharing your Account Name, Account Number and Sortcode details with us.

The last account added will automatically become the primary account and any payments will be made to this account.

Any existing and new GetPaid and Pay requests and Products will now be live and real payments can be made to your account.